Skyway is your source for safe roadways

Skyway is committed to developing reliable roadways, durable driveways & parking lots of various scales. When it comes to the perfect pavement, we have got you covered.

Skyway Is Paving the way to greater mobility

We are based in Mississauga and we are among the elite when it comes to paving solutions. We provide safe concrete and asphalt services from design to construction and maintenance all across the GTA.

What We do

Road construction is our expertise and passion. There is nothing more satisfying to us than a job well done. When it comes to the road we’ve got it covered! Whatever your project requires we will engineer your design with experience and expertise.

How We Do it

Skyway’s clients appreciate how we pay attention to project detail, making us a leader in road construction, with a known reputation for excellence. In order to maintain high standards we embedded quality and safety into everything everywhere.

Why We Do it

We started working on a few driveways doing installations and small maintenance. Residential and commercial referrals gave us a chance to expand the business from driveways to roadways and highways. Ultimately our work standards speak for itself and have brought us to this point at Skyway where the sky’s the limit.