Snow Removal

Save the time and hassle of shoveling snow this winter.

Keep your property safe and accessible with us.

Skyway is a landscaping company specialized in snow removal and de-icing services for commercial and residential properties in Toronto, Mississauga Oakville, Burlington and surrounding areas.

Whither you are a store, strip mall, condo, apartment, church, or school we have the experience and the right equipment to provide a quality snow removal service that will meet your needs. 

Our service teams work around the clock to ensure that our clients receive the best possible protection from snow and ice, and we are committed to keeping you safe from the hazards of winter weather. Companies and shop owners need a snow removal service they can depend on and we’re here for you.

Skyway pays attention to the little details. For example, we are gentle on pavement, ensuring we don’t chip, or put pot holes into your driveway, walkways and entrance ways. Also, our equipment is maintained and regularly inspected so we’re always ready to serve you best.

Our Services

What Can You Expect from Skyway?

Have full accessibility in your property during the winter.

Snow Removal and Salting

We offer snow removal and salting visits all season long, no matter how much, how often, or how heavy it snows. We also offer multiple service visits to maintain optimal property conditions during larger snow events. Logistically staggered throughout the day or night.

Snow Plowing

We’re always ready to get to your location and take care of salting your site no matter what weather condition is out there. Our snow plowing, salting and other snow removal services are fully insured. Our trucks are equipped to respond to any storm in Canada. 

Snow Disposal

We can physically remove snow from your property if the snow is piling up. Dispose of the snow will be at the city authorized area.These snow banks eventually turn grey and black from exhaust fumes. They also can melt in warm weather and re-freeze, which can cause damage to pavement and stonework.

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We look forward to cover your snow removal needs this winter! If you have any questions, please use the following options: