Commercial & Industrial Paving

Skyway has strict high quality industrial standards. We’ve been providing quality paving services for commercial and industrial institutions for industries across Ontario. 

Our insightful paving contractors are always a step ahead when executing a durable solution. We offer a wide range of paving solutions, free of setbacks or major interruptions for shopping malls, commercial complexes, business and hotels and much more. 

Whether your project requires a paving repair, maintenance or complete new installation, we support the job from design to the finalized construct.

Commercial Paving & Maintenance

No matter what condition your pavement is in, rest assured that we got you covered by hiring top technicians who work professionally on your site.

Parking Lot Paving / Parking Lot Construction

We provide quality paving services for commercial parking lots sure to meet your needs.

Construction Site Design & Paving

All construction sites are unique to the job that is being conducted if you are in need of a distinct designs give us a call and we can have the job done precisely

Road Paving

Our road paving team can build your project from the starting of the plan right up to the end of the finished product.

Parking Lot Resurfacing

When asphalt parking lots become too deteriorated, a resurfacing job is recommended. Ensure the highest level of quality with Skyway parking lot resurfacing.

Subdivisions Paving

Nothing is more satisfying to buyers than driving through a subdivision that has desirable paving. We’ll make your property speak for itself.

Line Painting & Curb Installation

Road work is at the heart of our business, in order to consistently improve we challenge ourselves by perfecting work, making every line and curb extraordinary.

Bike and Pedestrian Paths

Have it done the right way with Skyway classic pathways for pedestrians and bicycles.

Golf Pathway Paving

With our top of the line equipment we are able to install and repair golf cart paths and curbing on any golf course with zero to minimal damage. Our golf cart paths are constructed with the highest level of quality and handiwork, with proper grading to avoid puddling.

Asphalt Repairs

Here is your chance to give your pavement the makeover of a lifetime. Consult with our professionals to ensure the proper procedures are taken into consideration.

Pothole Repairs

The crews pour hot asphalt and rake it into the pothole. Then they tamp down the asphalt and smooth it out until the road surface is improved.

Gravel Work

Using gravel is one of the most economically effective methods in road construction. We supply granular gravel to pebble gravel.

Asphalt Overlay / Asphalt Resurfacing

Asphalt can take a lot of wear and tear however maintenance is required. If you are interested in an affordable solution to extend the lifespan of your pavement you might want to consider resurfacing and overlay. 

Industrial Paving

We are committed to paving providing profitable paving services for clients this is our expertise.

Parking Lot Paving / Parking Lot Construction

A parking lot can be a lot more than just a car parking space! It should bring value to the property as well as bring satisfaction to the ones using it. 

Subgrade Improvements

There are multiple ways to improve subgrade conditions Skyway will support you with your needs and meet your requirements as well as supplying expert consultation.

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Thank you for your interest in Skyway services. We look forward to serving your paving, concrete, or excavating needs! If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.